Kroger gift card hack

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00:27: What is the Kroger gift card hack?
01:41: Parts to the stack
03:51: Why this is a good option

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See the list of Kroger companies to help you determine which of your stores will offer 4x gift card promotions.

You will need your local Kroger or affiliate's app to upload the mobile coupon for 4x the fuel points to your account. (As a bonus you've also discovered a great way to save money on your groceries with the easy digital coupons!) If you have any trouble locating the offer you can always use the search bar and add "gift card" to help locate the coupon.

If you really want to follow these deals and make it a cornerstone of your strategy, Miles Earn and Burn is a great resource to help see when Kroger will be running the promotions.

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